No matter, you live in an urban, rural or posh locality, car thefts are increasing at a faster rate. With the evolving lock and key technologies, car thieves are trying their best to pin every lock brand that enters the market. This greatly risks yours, your family’s and vehicle’s safety. Though investing in a durable car lock can do wonders still, it is your responsibility to stay on the safer side. Along with locks, there are several other devices that can be installed to prevent the risk of car thefts. Some of them include:

  • Car Alarms
    It is a common car gadget that is familiar to all but used by only a few. A car alarm is highly effective in preventing car thefts. If you have installed this alarm, a siren will blow out loudly every time a thief tries to open or break into your vehicle, when you are inside your home or at work. This loud sound will scare away the burglar.
  • Steering Wheel Lock
    Other than hand breaks, there are several types of steering wheel locks that are used to lock the steering of the car. Once you have locked the steering wheel in place, there are no chances the car wheel will turn towards any side. This affordable lock is usually made of hard metal which is quite difficult to cut or break.
  • Brake Locks
    As the name suggests, this lock is meant for locking the car breaks. It is quite similar to steering wheel lock bar and fulfills the purpose of preventing any vehicular movement. Due to its metal composition, it is impossible to break or pin the brake lock.

These are some of the common gadgets that prevent the risk of falling victim to car thefts. If you are planning to install a car alarm or a break lock, feel free to contact our automotive locksmiths at Fort Saskatchewan 24/7 Locksmith.