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4 Proven Ways To Secure Your Commercial Premises

With the increasing incidents of robbery and crime, security is becoming a crucial need of the hour. No matter, you own a home or office, its important to manage its safety and security issues. Most probably, commercial properties are at a higher risk of thefts and intruder attacks. To prevent a burglary or to deter away the burglars, installing high level security system is a necessity. These complex but secure locks can effectively meet the safety needs of your business along with controlling unwanted access.

Some of the commercial lock installation solutions are:

Access Control

If you are looking to control the unauthorized entries in your office premise, then opt for installing an access control system on the entry gate. This modern security controller identify the employees who are having a relevant proof like ID cards, badges, or pin codes. By striking these respective proofs alongside the access systems, one can gain an entry inside the premises.

Electronic Access

As the name suggest, these locks operate electronically or digitally. They consist of a digital screen with a numeric pad that is used to enter a security code. If the code entered is correct, the door will open up. In case, its wrong, you’ll not be able to enter inside. To prevent intruders and to ensure maximum security, its advised to change the electronic pin code frequently.

Door Closers

If the doors on your commercial premises does not close properly, they can attract more unwanted visitors. Open doors serve as a silent entry way into your office. Therefore, they can greatly risk the security and safety of employees as well as a business. To make sure that none of the doors in your commercial space is left open, install door closers that are designed to close the doors automatically.


Safes are a great option to safeguard company assets and documents. They are quite secure and comes with a locking mechanism. Commercial safes cam be ideally used to store company’s sensitive data, cash and other valuables. They can’t be accessed, until and unless, one uses the correct lock combination.

These are some of the ways that can help in securing a commercial premises. If you are looking to safeguard your home or office against burglars and intruders, call our commercial locksmiths at Fort Saskatchewan Locksmith to discuss your safety needs.

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