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  • 5 Smart Tips To Get The Broken Key Out Of The Door Lock

5 Smart Tips To Get The Broken Key Out Of The Door Lock

It will be the most frustrating problem when you are trying to unlock the door but the key inserted in it just has broken. It feels you very helpless as you have no idea how to resolve this. What is the best way to get the broken part of key out, it depends on the situation. For example, at that time, where you are, what object you have and how you can bring it out, all this depends on the situation. Some techniques to handle this such a situation are as given below:

  • Broken Key Extractor
    It is a tool designed to handle such a problem. Place this tool inside the lock along with bitting of a key. Once it has gone inside perfectly, just turn it and pull out the broken key.
  • Super Glue
    Take a match, small wire or similar object and keep an accurate amount of super glue on its end. Now, hold the wire attached to the broken key. Wait for some time the wire bind and then pull it out.
  • Probe And Pull
    Take two thin pieces of metal and line up these to both sides of the broken key. Give pressure like you are holding the key. Now pull it outside towards you.
  • Jigsaw Blade
    To use this tool, you will first need to break off the end of the blade to remove the thick portion having the pin on its end. Thus, you can easily fit it into the lock. once it is fitted then pull it out to remove the key.
  • Emergency Locksmith
    Emergency locksmith specializes in offering fast service of lock and key issues whether it is broken key or other. They contain all the advanced tools that help as an immediate solution to your problem.

So, when you find yourself in such a situation then you can call Fort Saskatchewan 24/7 Locksmith. Our team of fully licensed and insured locksmith provides 100% satisfying job.

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