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Commercial Locksmith Tips: Maintaining and Servicing Your Business’s Locks

As a business owner, the security of your commercial property is of utmost importance. The locks on your doors, safes, and other access points are crucial components that safeguard your assets and provide a secure environment for your employees and customers. To ensure the optimal functionality and longevity of your locks, it’s essential to prioritize their maintenance and servicing. In this blog post, Fort Saskatchewan Locksmith shares valuable tips on maintaining and servicing your business’s locks.

Regular Inspections

Conduct regular inspections of your locks to identify any signs of wear, damage, or potential vulnerabilities. Check for loose screws, rusty parts, or malfunctioning mechanisms. If you notice any issues, contact a professional locksmith promptly to address them before they escalate into security breaches.


Proper lubrication is vital for the smooth operation of locks. Apply a small amount of graphite or silicone-based lubricant to the lock’s keyway and moving parts. This helps reduce friction and prevents the accumulation of debris that can hinder the lock’s performance.

Key Management

Establish a comprehensive key management system for your business. Keep track of all issued keys and implement protocols for key duplication and access control. Regularly review and update your key inventory, rekey or change locks when necessary, and revoke access for employees who no longer require it.

Rekeying and Lock Replacement

Consider rekeying or replacing locks when there are changes in personnel, such as employee turnover or lost keys. Rekeying involves changing the lock’s internal pins to render old keys ineffective, while lock replacement provides a fresh set of keys and enhanced security. Consult a commercial locksmith to determine the best course of action based on your specific needs.

Safes and Vault Maintenance

If your business uses safes or vaults to store valuable assets, regular maintenance is essential. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance tasks, such as lubrication, bolt and hinge inspections, and electronic keypad testing. Schedule periodic servicing by a professional locksmith to ensure optimal performance and protection.

Emergency Preparedness

Develop an emergency plan that includes the contact information of a reliable commercial locksmith. In case of lockouts, malfunctions, or security breaches, having a trusted locksmith’s number readily available will enable swift response and resolution.

Professional Locksmith Services

Engage the services of a professional commercial locksmith for routine maintenance and servicing. Their expertise and specialized tools allow them to identify and address issues that may go unnoticed by untrained individuals. Regularly scheduled professional locksmith visits can help prevent costly repairs and ensure the long-term security of your business.

Fort Saskatchewan Locksmith is committed to providing expert commercial locksmith services in Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas. Our team of skilled professionals is experienced in maintaining, servicing, and securing commercial locks. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take proactive steps toward maintaining the security and functionality of your business’s locks.

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