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How To Stay Safe From Locksmith Scams?

With the growing security needs, more and more lock installation companies are coming forward to assist home and business owners in realizing their safety goals. At present, there are dozens of lock and key service providers who claim to deliver effective and guaranteed services for all sort of lock repairs and replacements.

Since your property is one of the most vulnerable element, its advised to research thoroughly before hiring an emergency locksmith for service. There are several unskilled lock technicians who are always ready to take advantage of people facing an emergency lockout situation. To prevent falling victim to expensive and ineffective services, its advised to remain beware of locksmith scams.


Some tips to find the right locksmith company to avoid locksmith scams are:


  • Look for a local locksmith: Since emergencies need to be dealt with a quick response, its advised to call in a local locksmith company that has the minimum arrival time. To prevent unwanted scams, do a quick research about all your local service providers and choose one that has good service ratings and customer reviews. Locksmiths that have mentioned their complete address on their business website are more trustworthy than others.
  • Check their license & insurance: Once a lock technician arrives, do ask him to show his identity proof and other details to ensure that he is sent by the company you hired. Check his license, insurance, and other credentials to prevent falling victim to a lock scam. If he is unable to show you the relevant identification details, don’t allow him to carry any lock repairs.
  • Ask questions & do an inquiry: An effective way to deal with the fraud locksmith companies is to enquire them about their services, charges, mode of work and all other details well before they start doing their work. The thing you should inquire include the registered name of the company and years of experience they have. Ask them to look at the lock issue to deliver a free estimate, so as to prevent scam issues.

These are some common ways to prevent locksmith scams. For effective and high quality lock repairs and installations, feel free to consult our residential lock technicians at Fort Saskatchewan 24/7 Locksmith.

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