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Reasons To Rekey or Relock The Existing Locks

No matter you have shifted to a new apartment or are living in the same home, there is need to rekey the existing door locks to enhance the security of your property. Since locks provide safety to a family and assets, its important to ensure that they are in a good condition. If you have ever lost your main door lock key, then you are greatly in need to get your existing security system relocked.

Since a locksmith is a professional who knows how to access your home, its advised to call in a trusted lock company for replacement and lock repair service. A reliable locksmith will first of all inspect your surrounding and condition of the locking system to provide you with best locks and key solutions. Since it difficult for homeowners to decide whether to go for lock rekey or replacement, its better to take advise from professionals.


Some reasons that promote the need of relocking are:


  • Avoid burglars and break-ins: Most commonly, the homes which have old and worn out lock installations are more likely to fall victim to break-ins and burglaries. In order to secure your home and family against such attacks, consider installing durable locks or deadbolts. If you aren’t financially sound enough to install an expensive digital lock, opt for rekey and relock services.
  • Prevent home lockouts: If your existing home locks or keys are cracked or damaged, then you are surely going to land in trouble one or the other day. Under such circumstances, the worn out keys may break inside the locks, or even get stuck. To avoid landing in lockout situations, get your residential security systems relocked by emergency locksmiths.
  • Provide better security: If you have ever before fallen victim to a theft in your existing home, then it is highly recommended to either replace the entire locking system or to rekey the locks. By upgrading traditional locks with modern locking systems, one can enhance the security of his home along with preventing intruder attacks.

These are some reasons to rekey or relock the existing locks. If you are looking for a trusted locksmith company to get your existing locks repaired or rekeyed, consider calling our expert residential lock technicians at Fort Saskatchewan 24/7 Locksmith.

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